As a major supplier of electrical, control & instrumentation engineering solutions throughout the UK and overseas, we like to do our bit to promote a more sustainable future. LCA Group believes that the environment is important for current and future generations, which is why we work to ensure that no harm is brought to it as a result of our activities.

Our continuous improvement programme was set up to achieve and maintain environmental protection in line with the requirements of ISO 14001 and our ‘prepare and prevent’ approach to our processes ensures that we reduce as much waste as possible and prevent pollution. LCA Group has the specialist expertise and technical knowledge to reduce our carbon emissions and our efficient use of resources also helps to deliver excellent value for our clients.

For us, sustainability is not just about the environment. We also invest in our people to generate opportunities for career progression through training and promotion and having recently consolidated two LCA Group sites under one roof, we were delighted to retain our experienced and committed team, whilst also expanding our workforce to welcome more technicians and engineers and bringing prosperity to the UK economy.

“There’s so many things I love about this job. It’s such a varied job in terms of the clients I’m working with and the projects I’m working on, it never gets boring.”
Scott Bate, Electrical Panel Builder