We are really pleased to announce that we now have three members of staff, Carol Hughes, Peter McDonough and Lesley Eastwood who have achieved their Level 2 certificate in First Aid for Mental Health. Training was recently completed with the Positive Safety Training organisation.

The course covered ways in which a positive mental health culture can be supported within a workplace and gave advice on how to identify suspected mental health conditions, plus the skills to start a conversation and potentially signpost that person towards more professional help.

Carol - our HR Coordinator, said “For me, the course helped to increase my awareness, it gave me advice on how to spot symptoms of mental health issues, and showed me how to provide support to anyone who is struggling within the workplace.”

“I now feel confident starting a supportive, open-ended conversation, to listen non-judgementally and signpost people to the right professional support when needed.”

As a result of this training, the current COVID 19 conditions we are all working within, and our better understanding of mental health in the workplace we are in the process of reviewing our internal culture and processes. We are creating a designated space on our intranet where our employees can go to seek support and looking at what else we can do as an organisation to support our colleagues.