The new, internationally recognised ISO45001:2018 accreditation adopts the annex SL structure, making it easier to align and integrate with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – both of which LCA have held for a number of years.

The accreditation further takes into account the needs and expectations of workers and focuses on greater worker participation and consultation at all levels. Consequently, more earnest is placed on top level management to demonstrate commitment to Health and Safety compliance across LCA’s whole workforce.

It also means that workers will have access to the mechanisms to raise concerns and make suggestions, enabling more employee engagement all round.

In order to gain this highly regarded accreditation, LCA Group was audited in all areas of Health and Safety and had to demonstrate total compliance across the board. Thanks to the new ISO45001 standard, they will be required to uphold this level of compliance and will continually be audited in all areas, even down to meeting minutes.

Wayne Griffiths, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Manager at LCA, underwent significant training, including completing an extensive Leader Auditor Training course to ensure that LCA remain at the top of the line for Health and Safety standards. He will be responsible for passing what he has learnt onto everybody at LCA to ensure everybody continues to remain fully compliant.

In true LCA style, the firm continues to stay ahead of its competition by completing the latest migration way ahead of schedule. The existing industry accreditation, OHSAS 18001, only goes out to date in early 2020, which means LCA is already operating ahead of industry standards.

When asked about the importance of keeping up with the latest Health and Safety standards, Wayne said: “Health and Safety is at the very top of our priority list at LCA. There’s nothing more important to us than ensuring everyone gets home safe at the end of the day.

“Completing the new accreditation ahead of schedule further demonstrates our total commitment to ensuring that we operate in a safe and secure environment so that we can continue to deliver at the highest quality possible.”

You can view the ISO45001:2018 certificate here