In early 2018, we invested more than £400k in a new state-of-the-art Rittal Automation Systems machine – one of only seven in the world and the only one in the UK – and expanded into a multimillion-pound manufacturing facility in Hawarden.

To help us illustrate just how much of an impact the Rittal machine has had on our business, we filmed a tongue-in-cheek video to show how our new technology has helped us to completely revolutionise the way we work and stay well ahead of our competition.

We rallied two of the LCA team to help us out and enlisted a couple of our best Hollywood performers, Industrial Electrician Warren, and CAD Designer John, as they battled it out to see who could cut their control panel box in the quickest time.

Warren was tasked with the traditional option of cutting the box by hand, while John had the job of loading up and controlling our machine.

See who came out on top in Man vs Machine!