Name: Scott Bate  

Job title: Electrical Panel Builder

Length of time at LCA Group: 4 years

What made you want to get into this line of work? 

It wasn’t something I’d really considered when I was younger, I knew I wanted to do something practical and not be sat at a desk all day so I decided to study Sports Science at college. After a few seasonal jobs in sports I decided it was time for something more permanent and challenging. Several people in my family work in the electrical and building trades and it was my cousin who let me know about the role opening up at LCA, he also works here and recommended it as a great place to work. 

How long have you been with LCA Group?

I’ve been here for four years. Whilst working here I’ve also completed an apprenticeship in Mechanical and Electrical Operations, so I’ve been studying and getting assessed over the course of three years as well.

How did you get the job?

It was quite an in-depth job interview spread over two days. I spent a full day shadowing someone and learning about the role and the people that work here. I was then invited back the next day and had to do a task: I was given a set of schematics and had to build a control panel and electrical circuit. Everyone was really friendly and helpful so I was delighted when I got offered the job.

Give us a summary of what your job involves.

I primarily work at the LCA manufacturing facility in Hawarden, I get control panel schematics from our design team and work on the electrical wiring and fitting of the panels for special purpose machinery. Sometimes I’ll work off-site at our client bases across the UK, fitting our custom control panels and equipment, my favourite client installation visit was Bentley – where I actually got to sit in one of the cars!

What do you love most about your job?

There’s so many things I love about this job. It’s such a varied job in terms of the clients I’m working with and the projects I’m working on, it never gets boring. 

It’s great coming into work every day as we’re such a close-knit team and everyone gets on, a lot of us do activities outside work together such as mountain climbing and bouldering, and mountain biking weekends away, being based in North Wales is ideal for these things. 

Aside from the day to day enjoyment of coming into work, I love standing back at the end of working on a job and seeing the finished product. It’s always something I’m proud about and I even take photos and short videos of the jobs I’m most proud of so I can look back on them and show my family. 

What bit of the job is most challenging? 

I found doing the college part of the apprenticeship really challenging. I’m dyslexic so find doing practical work much easier than studying books and writing assignments. I’m really glad I had the confidence to pursue it and had people around me supporting and encouraging me along the way though. 

Any advice for those wishing to join the profession? 

Doing an apprenticeship is a great route into a practical profession such as this. I actually got the job at LCA first and then started an apprenticeship, but in most cases your training provider will help find the job for you. 

It’s really good to be able to do something you’re interested in, whilst learning at the same time and getting paid. It’s taught me valuable life-skills about balancing education, work and being able to a manage a salary, that I didn’t learn at college.